What's In A Name?

A But 'N' Ben is a small crofters cottage in the Highlands of Scotland identified by it's white walls and thatched roof.


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Immigrating with his family to Canada in 1966 Alex continued in his families footsteps by bringing Scottish traditional baking to Scarborough Ontario. Using recipes handed down through the generations, and adding some style of his own, But 'N' Ben was soon to become a household name among the Scots population of Scarborough.

The pride taken in the family business showed through the quality of the baked goods produced and the business grew. In 1972 But 'N' Ben Butchers was added to the company in order to ensure the quality of meat used in our pies and now famous steak pies. With this addition, it meant that all of our Sausages and Puddings could be hand made in our Scarborough location. Our bakery boasts the best selection of cakes
"this side o' the Clyde."

At present, we have three generations
"slaving over a hot stove, so to speak" to bring you the finest and freshest product on the market today.

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"2003" saw the opening of our brand new factory with over 4000 square feet of space just for baking. Our Bakers start every morning
(I should say half way throught the night) to ensure we deliver to our customers the freshest (never frozen) Rolls, Scones, Pies and more. Click the "Contact Us" button for a full list of locations where our products are available.

Lang may yer lum reek, wi' other folks' coal.